A letter from Fiddlehead:
August 15, 2002
Dear Friends,
Our quest for the triplecrown in one year has come to an end.    We decided this after the Leadville 100 race which completed our CDT portion of the three trails giving us aprox. 5400 miles!    We had a rough month in July with quite a few problems in a row that were like the worst blowdowns I've ever had to get through.  In one weeks time, the following took place: on July 5th,  when we were 2 days behind schedule, my family called me and told me my father had about a week left so I went home to be with him.  (he died one week later and I stayed another week for the funeral)  The day after I left the trail,  the transmission went in the van.  Pieps and Mark and Puff went to Cut Bank, MT and it took 4 days to get it fixed!   The day after my father died,  Pieps' grandfather also died.   (quite the coincidence and Pieps went back to Kansas City for the funeral)   We met up again on July 20 in Seattle and headed for the northern PCT where we found too much snow once again.     I will go to my logs to try to find the words to explain how we felt.
    July 23rd :        I left Pieps in good hands over 2 weeks ago in Glacier Nat. Park as I had to go home because my father was dying of cancer and it was near the end.   I won't get into details but, I did do lots of eating, resting, and lack of walking while there for 2 full weeks.    It was a heavy scene with lots of heavy thoughts
   I've had plenty of time to think of the hike, along with what's important, and have come to the conclusion that I need to do 3 things:  1/ fill in the holes in the CDT and complete that hike in it's entirety.  (due to the high snow levels in WY, and MT, we had to bail out and miss sections)    2/ Run the Leadville race on August 17th with a gallant effort!   (also a section we skipped back in May)   3/ Try to keep as much integrity to the hike as possible!     (This means not skipping anything!)    So, I realized that there was no way I could make up all these lost or skipped sections, and still complete the rest of the PCT by Oct. 14th.  
    August 29th:    Talked to Boss Hogg today and he was full of praise as usual.   All of the supporters I've talked to are very kind and wish us the best.   These people have given us so much time, effort, and help that it's hard for me not to feel a  bit guilty about the decision to give it up.   They just say, “Get over it!” and I guess I will with time.   
    Looking back,  I can't regret any of our decisions that were made in that bad week or two in July,  just bad luck with too many problems.    I feel we did what we had to do.   Looking back,  I think the only thing we did wrong was to start one year too late.   Although we had a warm winter back east on the AT,  the winter here in the west never really ended until July.    Too much snow was the journal entries too many times.   It's hard to average 27 mile days when you can't do more than 1 ½ to 2 mph!     Seeing all the fires burning now in Oregon also makes me think that it would've been another real challenge to get through that state had we continued.   Anyway, these are mostly excuses I know and I apologize to all our supporters out there  (over 140 people helped us with 35 of them drivers of the van!)   I can't say we'll get it next year as I know I won't try this again.  But it has been fun and the best part was definitely the people who helped and came out here to cook for us, drive for us,  send us anything and everything in the mail when they couldn't get here.   Special thanks to Rainman, who drove and supported us through 8 different states,  Boss Hogg for all the driving, cooking, limousine service,  putting us up in some luxury hotels, but especially all the massive work on the website.  Joyce for all the worrying, cooking, driving,  for the 4 months she spent with us out there.  And so many others who took time off work,  flew out here, or drove as much as 3,000 miles to spend a week with us.      We'll never forget you all and I will have fun repaying the favors over the rest of my life.   Thank you all!  

A letter from Pieps:
September 1, 2002
Hello to all that have been following our adventure. Just to up date you all on the trip. I will speak for myself. I have gotten off the trail due to a couple of factors. My grandfather past away. Which meant going home to his funeral. Our transmission went out and took five days to fix and $1200. So after all said and done I lost almost two weeks of hiking. That meant trying to make up 14, 27 mile hiking days. Mentally the head was no longer in it and the heart was not in it either. I did manage to finish the AT, CDT and about 850 miles of the PCT. The Leadville race went well, however I did not finish it. I was able to do 50 miles in 13 hours before dropping out. So I must say that I am sorry if I have let any of you down.ToTfinish all three trails in one year is an incredible undertaking both physically and mentally. I had a great time and do not regret a moment during the adventure. I learned a lot about myself and tested new limits. Thank you all for your support.