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On October 14, 2001, two souls in search of wanderlust and "high" adventure left Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park on a 365 day odyssey of experience, endurance, and good ole' fashioned luck. Glenn "Fiddlehead" Fleagle and Brian "Pieps" Piepergerdes, will spend the next 365 days attempting arguably the most grueling thru-hike known to man.....The Triple Crown. Spanning over 7500 miles of the most rugged terrain in the United States, Team Triple Crown will attempt to hike the three toughest trails in America, The Appalachian Trail (AT), the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) back to back to back, in only one calendar year. 365 days, over 7500 miles! Follow the most exciting thru-hike ever attempted, right here at the Triple Crown One Year Web Site. Check back often, as new daily diaries and pictures are arriving constantly, just as they happen on the trail.

Although both hikers have accomplished each trail individually, conquering the Triple Crown in one year may prove to be the achievement of a lifetime. Join Team Triple Crown as they push thru-hiking to new limits, enjoying every single minute along the way. Check out our photographs and schedule, post a message on our message board, find out where to mail love and supplies.....it's all here at the Triple Crown One Year Web Site!

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